My Vision

Reliable, responsive, constantly creative, and always looking for ways to make our work more engaging to the viewer. 25 years behind the camera on hundreds of different shows. Recent projects have focused on social issues surrounding mental health, poverty, law enforcement and the environment. I'm hoping to make a real difference in this world by telling stories with a camera.
Evan Barthelman, Steadicam Operator


Clean framing with the goal of reducing distractions to focus the viewer on the story. Camera movement with emotion and purpose to engage the viewer.


Professional camera operator in TV and film since 1997. Steadicam since 2004. Wide ranging projects mean moving quickly while maintaining craftsmanship.


Team building and collaboration are a priority in pre-production and on set. Working together, and enabling each other to shine makes projects better.


Refillable water bottles on set, rechargeable batteries in everything, recycling and conscious consumption, carpool when possible, and buying quality gear.

Skills Include:

  • Steadicam
  • A-cam/B-cam
  • Lighting
  • Drone piloting
  • Editing
  • Precision driving
  • Technical writing
  • Being nice
  • ​Listening